Art File Setup

We only accept PDF or JPG files for production. Design programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photo Shop and Corel Draw are the best programs for creating your files. These programs, like other design programs can generate a number of different types of file formats. However we ONLY accept PDF or JPG file types.

Adobe Illustrator/Corel Draw – These are the best programs to use if your graphics are text heavy. They produce vectorized files, once you have converted the text to outlines. You will get the best print quality for your text and other vectored graphics from these programs. Please setup you files at 100% of the final size. Import or place your CMYK photographs or other images into your Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw file. Then set your text in one of these programs. Make sure that all graphics are set to CMYK. We don’t accept RGB or Spot Color Profiles. Please make sure ALL Text is converted to outlines. Then save your file as a PDF. When Prompted choose  “High Quality Print” for the resolution.

Photo Shop – This is a great program to use for graphics that have minimal amount of text and/or are heavy in photographic content. Please set your files up at 100% of final size at 150 dpi. Make sure your file is flattened and the color space is converted to CMYK. Then save your image as a JPG file. When the program prompts you to choose the resolution choose the highest resolution. This will give you a range of 10 to 12. Please choose 12.

Quality – The quality of your graphics and photographs will only be as good as the images you use to create the graphics. Pulling pictures from the internet and trying to blow them up to a larger scale will yield extremely poor quality prints. The easiest way to see the quality of your graphics is to blow up the file up to 100% of the final size at 100dpi. The graphic may not fit entirely on the monitor but you will be able to see the final resolution (clarity) of your files at full scale when they print. If we notice poor quality images when you submit your files you will receive an email asking you to correct the issue. This may delay the production process.

Color is important to both you and us. If you send CMYK files you should get back prints that have well balanced, eye pleasing color. We do not offer specific Spot Color or Pantone Color matching. Please be prepared to accept good solid eye pleasing colors. If you send us files with Spot Colors there is a chance that the Spot Colors will drop out and may not print. If you send us RGB files colors may not print correctly. Additionally, we DO NOT print Neon or Metallic colors.

Important - your monitor is RGB and Backlit. This translates into colors that are much more vibrant than they will be when printed in CMYK and front-lit. DO NOT expect an exact match between the color you see on your monitor and the color that is on the final print. Additionally, please note that ALL monitors are calibrated differently. Therefore, color will vary from monitor to monitor and 100% without question will vary between the final print and your monitor.

If you have questions please email them us. This is the most efficient way for us to respond to our customers and the fastest way for you to get a response.